Riley Pannkuk

Technical Product Manager, Program Manager, Game Producer

I'm a technically-minded Product Manager in the Games Industry, working closely with developers, designers, and pipeline owners to create meaningful content that players love.

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Amazon - Prime Gaming/ Seattle, WA

DoubleDown Interactive / Seattle, WA

DoubleDown Interactive / Seattle, WA

DoubleDown Interactive / Seattle, WA

Gizmocracy LLC / Redmond, WA

Blizzard Entertainment/ Irvine, CA


Senior Product Manager - Technical

Manager, Product Management

Product Manager II

Associate Product Manager

Technical Program Manager

Production Intern


2020 - 2024

2019 - 2020

2017 - 2019


2015 - 2016



2011 - 2015

BS in Computer Science & Game Design

Student Projects

Rumble TV

A First-Person MOBA game with three distinct classes fighting on an alien prison colony for their freedom and for the viewer's entertainment. The game was built using the Unreal 4 Engine, with split-screen multiplayer.


A 3D top-down interactive EP where the player fights through several segments of a track, combating waves of enemies on a visualizer. The player maneuvers around enemy attacks and fires a single orb which they can fire and retract back to themselves to hit enemy sweet spots and move onto more segments. The game is most recognized for its atmosphere, musical tracks and visual quality with a low-poly atmosphere and an electronic soundtrack.


A 3D horror game developed by DigiPen's Radio Galaxy over the 2013-2014 shool year at DigiPen. The player is on-site at a light-sensitive mining colony which has suddenly been hit by an unknown and deadly force, which will require the use of a special sonar-based mapping tool to navigate.

Temple of the Water God

An action-platformer with puzzle elements that was created by Team Walrus over the 2012-2013 school year at DigiPen. You play as a young boy that travels to the Water Temple in search of the Water God. The boy's village is suffering from a drought, and you are on a mission to save your friends and family.